April 2021



February 2020

I won the award for fine piece of work at the competition, "IZUBI Final"

第31回全国絵画公募展 IZUBI Final にて、作品「ENDLESS GAME」が佳作を受賞しました。展覧会は3月5日(木)~3月24日(火)、伊東市の池田20世紀美術館にて行われます。


April 2019

Two-person exhibition of "Pottery and Oil painting" with Potter JUN IGUCHI, at GALLERY TOM.

陶芸家の井口淳氏と 「陶・洋画の二人展」 を静岡市葵区 「ギャラリー十夢」 にて開催。


August 2018

Winning the Citizen Award at the national open call 8th Thumbhole Exhibition Shizuoka.


November 2017

First solo exhibition, SHINICHI FUJIWARA oil painting exhibition "history of 10 years", at GALLERY TOM.

初個展、藤原真一油彩画展 「10年の軌跡」 を静岡市葵区 「ギャラリー十夢」 にて開催。


May 2017

Winning the Shizuoka Newspaper Award at the 54th Shizuoka Artists Association Exhibition.


August 2015

Winning a grand prize at the national open call 5th Thumbhole Exhibition Shizuoka.